You never truly understand how badly something bothers you until you say it out loud and as the words leave your mouth, the realization sets in, you’ve been angry all your life.




Inverted 2.
"I cannot allow myself to love my hair more than I love Allah. I cannot allow myself to love my looks when I look in the mirror more than I love Allah.
If I love Allah more than my looks, I will make sure that I look something similar to that which will please Allah S.W.T.
If I love Allah more than I love my hair, I will make sure (and this is more address to the sisters) that the hair is covered because that is what pleases Allah S.W.T."
Mufti Ismail Menk | Sweetness of Imaan (via d-emir)
"It hurts until it doesn’t. You think it’s going to break you, but it won’t. You may not sleep as well at night, but you will be fine. Numb, but numb and fine are the same."
(via massiv3)

Commercial airplanes avoiding Ukraine’s airspace

Gustav Klimt - The Swamp (1900)

"Death is not a beautiful thing. 90% of the time it takes you by surprise. No time for goodbyes, or last words, or heartfelt reminders that you will hold on to. When someones gone they’re just gone. And it may take some time for you to digest the fact that it has happened but sooner or later it will eventually hit you. Like going down the stairs and stepping on the final step that’s not even there. Your body jolts and you can feel your heart dropping. People can say a lot of nice things about you when you’re gone. Like how great you were, or how good of a friend you’ve been, or how you will always be remembered. But fact is, they’re now just a memory. Theres no point telling someone how much you appreciate them when they’re no longer there to feel appreciated. And theres no point thanking someone for all the good they’ve done when they’re no longer there to say “you’re most welcome”. So while you still have a pulse and blood pumping in your veins- appreciate every living soul around you. Tell them how much you love them, and how thankful you are to be a part of their lives, and how great of an impact they’ve made on yours. Pour your heart out and don’t be sorry, because god knows how much time we have left in this world."